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Precision lock nuts have many different applications. Whether in machine construction, in drive motors, linear translation mechanisms, or for tensioning spindle or ball bearings - everywhere that components on shafts have to be secured against lateral movements, you can depend on the quality and reliability of KUSO lock nuts.

KUSO lock nuts are produced in the most varied designs. Depending on your requirements, you can choose between axial or radial clamping. The lock nuts are also available with 3-way clamping, and in extra-wide or stainless steel versions. Our patented MRA axial locknut can be locked and unlocked with its cam design, allowing the fine tuning of machines during assembly, after break-in, and throughout the lifetime of the machine. 

Lock nuts are manufactured in high-quality steel and subjected to the most stringent demands with regards precision. Kuso lock nuts are ground in a single fixturing, which guarantees our 2 micron axial run out. This way, we can make sure that an even distribution of the load is achieved across the thread pitch, and clamped elements. This leads to improved stability and a longer service life of units.  

To make the installation of KUSO lock nuts easier and to prevent any damage, we recommend our extensive range of accessories. Using a socket wrench and torque adapter, the forces acting on units can be defined and regulated as needed.


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