kuso relock

Thread and face surfaces ground in a single check setting.

Axial run out 0,002 mm
Thread quality: 4H
Right-hand threads (clockwise) standard. Left-hand threads on request.
Other dimensions on request.
Data subject to change.

kuso relock® radial MRR

relock radial MRR

Radial locking and unlocking system

kuso relock® axial MRA

relock axial MRA

Axial locking and unlocking system


kuso relock® computation formula

M = 0.17*F*d

M = Torque on lock nut (Nmm)
F  = Axial force given by lock nut (N)
d  = nominal thread diameter (mm)


The resultant force F should not exceed the force

F <255*m*d
m = Axial length of the lock nut (mm)

relock schema



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